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The Winds blew,
and the Oceans roared,
The Sea ate up the shore,

Homes were lost,
As lives were wronged,
But some stood up,
And helped others to stay strong,

We salute the soldiers,
Who fought to get back,
The Homes that now lack,
A foundation to stand on,

So won't you stay strong,
With me?

- Stephen N. Zielinski Jr.                  




REBUILD THE JERSEY SHORE is a community of small business owners in New Jersey that are trying to give back to the community that gave so much to us. All of us have a direct connection to the Jersey Shore, and all of us want to help it rebuild and grow strong again. 

Many families and businesses will be feeling the sting of Hurricane Sandy for years. We are here to make sure their needs are not forgotten, and to continue to raise money for the recovery effort long after the initial shock has worn off and the tragedy fades into the back of people's minds. Join us in helping to rebuild this great Shore. Jersey will rise again. 

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